My Office uses a fixed fee structure. Unless the scope of work changes, the fee itself will not change. As rule of thumb, fees generally range between 8% and 12% of the proposed construction budget. Ultimately, the fee is based on a number of factors. This figure is determined not only after consideration of the following factors, but also after detailed conversations with the owner on the intent and goals of the project.

Scope of Work
The size of the project. Larger projects tend to push the “yardstick percentage” down. Smaller projects would indicate a higher percentage.

Level of Detail
Specialty trim – both inside and out, Media Room requirements, marble and tile layouts, special order appliances or bath fixtures, cabinet work.

Degree of Difficulty
Renovations and additions are always more work than new construction for both the Architect and Contractor.

Level of Involvement
Lighting plans, custom cabinets, relationships with consultants, follow through during construction.

Site Factors
Is there an unusual gradient, are there sub-surface conditions to be aware of, are utilities an issue.

Project Logistics
Is the project site within easy driving distance, are Review Boards going to be involved, and is funding dependent on Bond approvals.

Project Parameters
Is timing a concern, are there external factors that would influence the project.

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